While family portraits and professional head shots serve their purpose well they are, more or less, a very safe way to capture a moment. You do not get a sense of your emotional state or your attitude in life in general at the time; instead, it is a simple reminder of what you looked like on that day. If you are tired of this and are looking to get a bit more in touch with your adventurous side, you should consider trying some boudoir photography and create a lifelong memory and reflection of your wild side. 

What Is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is used to capture a more intimate side of your personality in a variety of settings and for different reasons. A big part of boudoir photography is creating a special image for your partner on a big occasion, perhaps an anniversary or an engagement. These are photos not meant to be seen by a wide audience but only for those closest to you, which is why you can feel safe when getting them taken. While boudoir photography does usually show off more skin than traditional photography, it is not graphic or pornographic. Rather, the presence of more skin is a reflection of your vulnerability to the intended viewer. 

What Will I Do In The Photos?

For a lot of people, it can be very intimidating thinking about how you will be posing in your more vulnerable state in front of someone you probably do not know, but that is something you can put to rest. How you pose in the photos and what else is in the photos is completely up to you. You are the one who is commissioning these photos, and you know how you want to express yourself. If you are concerned or don't have any solid ideas, then simply discuss with your photographer and ask them for their ideas. Remember this is supposed to be intimate — it's okay to be nervous. 

The Benefit Of Boudoir

When many people look back on their lives, they see an artificial construction through the photos they took during their lives. These photos, while often very meaningful and poignant to you, do not cover your whole life story. As a society, we only really take photos of family events or in moments of community. Boudoir photography gives you an outlet for a more personal reflection of yourself that you will never forget and cannot have taken away from you.