If you are planning to photograph young children, you may be concerned about how you can engage with the child so you get the best results. Children can be very unpredictable, so it is important that you have some tricks up your sleeve that will help to ensure you capture some great shots. Read on to find out about three things you should do when photographing children.

Take time to make friends

If you do not already have an existing relationship with the child, it is vital that you take the time to strike up a friendship before the photoshoot. Children can often feel overwhelmed when they are introduced to a stranger with a camera and asked to pose. Before you begin your photoshoot, you should spend some time talking to the child and playing with them so they feel they know and trust you. It is also a good idea to show your child the camera so they can examine it and ask any questions they have. Gently explain what you will be doing during the photo shoot to the child in simple terms. This can help to ease any anxiety they may be feeling.

Turn the photoshoot into a game

A great way of getting a child to take part in a photo shoot is to turn the entire experience into a game. Kids love to play, so by turning the shoot into a game, you can make sure that the child cooperates with you. For example, if you want the child to wear different accessories during the shoot, you could turn this into a game of dress up. If a child is struggling to stay still, you could play a game of musical statues, in which the child has to stand still when the music you are playing stops.

Stick a small toy to the top of your camera

Finally, young children can sometimes struggle to stay focused and to look towards the camera, but you can get around this by sticking a small toy to the top of your equipment. If the child becomes distracted, you can ask them to look at the toy or ask them where the toy is now. As the child turns their head to look at the toy, you will be able to capture a perfect picture.

If you are interested in finding out more, you should contact a company that specialises in this form of photography. A kindy photographer will be able to offer you further help and advice.